Pom Poko Studio Ghibli - Spoke Art
Mister Miss America
Rouge - Criterion Collection
Black Santa - Tribeca Film Festival
The Suffering of Lesser Mammals Cover Illustration
FIT Black Student Illustrator Awards Fundraiser 2022
Hipster Seinfeld - 2nd String
Robb Report Spring Fashion Issue Cover
Trending Men's Hairstyles 2021 - Dyson
Bruce Lee Officially Licensed Poster
2021 Hair Trends - Dyson Hair
Jurassic Park - Officially Licensed
Lauren Ralph Lauren holiday campaign
Supply-chain Santa
Porg Madness
Suicide Squad - Peacemaker Bloodsport
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Spoke Art
National Labor Federation Calendar - Student Loan Debt
Queen Elizabeth II Hats of the Crown
Fortnite Loading Screen Fabio Sparklemane
Careful What You Wish For Boy - Group Show WowXwow
Race Against Time Climate Change - Corporate Knights
Universally Challenged - The Guardian
King Shark Suicide Squad - Bottleneck Gallery
Father's Day - Rabbit Hole Distillery
Cozy Cabin Puzzle - Colorcraft Puzzles
Souvenirs - Spoke Art's 10th Annual Moleskine show
NYC Immigrant Heritage Week 2021
Dr Mario One Sheet - Gallery 1988
GORPcore - Wall Street Journal
Superman X America - Beneficial Shock
Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter 2020
Radio The Mother Ship Beer Can - Collective Arts
Legends of Rock - L'Obs
Emory Alumni Magazine Illustrations
Mens Health Portraits
Don't Worry Be Happy 2020 - Los Angeles Magazine
Year of the Ox
FlipFit Subscription Box
Baby Yoda - The Ringer.com
FIT Black Student Illustrator Awards Fundraiser Prints
BBC Science Focus Various Illustrations
Modern Santa Fashion - Mr Porter
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Bottleneck Gallery
MTA Art Card 2020
Eternal Empire China - L'Obs
Cherry Blossom Girl with Dog
Clandestine Haircuts - New York Times
New Scientist Cover
Harlequin Mystery Novel Trio
Farm Futures Pandemic
Pandemic Food Delivery - NYTimes
Ice Cream Truck History - Smithsonian
Grand Hôtel 002 Casino
Watchmen Poster - Bottleneck Gallery
NOLA upside down - New Orleans Magazine
Sleep helps fight Coronavirus - BBC Science Focus
Celadon Broken and Repaired - Wow X Wow
Comfort Items - Time Magazine
Soma Poster
Fasting and Longevity - BBC Science Focus
Young(er) Yubaba - Spoke Art Gallery
Who ('ll) Let The Dogs Out?
Falling Bond Rates - Barron's
L'Obs Various Illustrations
9th Annual Moleskin Show - Spoke Art POW! WOW! HAWAI'I
Behind the Smile - The Atlantic/Reveal
Los Angeles Magazine Full Pagers
Perfectionism is Killing Us - Vox
In The Mood For Love - Alternative Movie Poster
A chaque âge ses placements - Le Parisien Week-End
Year of the Rat
Grindr's Red Scare - LA Magazine
Muse by Robb Report Cover
Beyond Positivity - Working Not Working
Criminalizing Peaceful Protest - The Progressive
The Dark Knight - Bottleneck Gallery
Medical Records Easy Pickins - ProPublica
Mountains Descending - LongReads
Hipster Seinfeld - Spoke Art Gallery
Film auteurs - Washington Post
The Martha Stewarting of Powerful Women - LongReads
The Taxidermist - Film Poster
New Orleans Magazine Various Illustrations
Various Likenesses and Portraits
The Ringer.com Various Illustrations
Casablanca Now - Beneficial Shock Magazine
Bret Easton Ellis Book Review - Financial Times
Parc Asterix - Le Parisien
Tuileries Femme
New Scientist Various Illustrations
Oscars 2019 - Washington Post
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Barbie 60th Anniversary - Le Parisien
The Material World of Wes Anderson
Collective Arts Brewing - Tourists
Year of the Boar
Croquet and Ink Eleven
01Net Magazine France Various Work
Life on Mars Depends on Mining - Medium.com
Better Zoos Make Better Escape Artists - Medium.com
Summer Archers Trio
If You Were a Kid In the Wild West - Scholastic
If Its Not Marked Is It a Hazard - Golf Magazine
Twitter-Bringer of Hate - 01Net Magazine Paris
Do We Need to Slow Tech Down? - 01Net Magazine
Akira Matsumura - Stella By Starlight EP cover
Croquet and Ink Ten
Opioids - Emory Alumni Magazine
Radio Times (UK) Illustrations
Croquet and Ink Nine
Croquet and Ink #7-12
Waymo v. Uber - New York Times
Autumn Drive with Borzoi
Year of the Dog
Spoonbenders - Radio Times
If You Were A Kid Docking At The Intl Space Station
Confederate New York State
Croquet and Ink Six
Croquet and Ink Five
Yeti Cooler - New York Times
Un-renovateable relationship - Boston Globe
Croquet and Ink #1-6
Tomato Princess
New York Times Illustrations Various
Chopin Cat - NYTimes - Society of Illustrators
Resist - The Progressive
Asian American Identity - Banana Magazine
My Wedding Illustrations
New Orleans Home Magazine Various Illustrations
Morgenthal Frederics 30 Years of Signature Style
Motel Writing - Texas Monthly
Pokemon Woe - Common Ground
2017 after the dumpster fire
Hangovers - New Scientist
Japanese New Year Postcards
Using Stories to Heal - Louisiana Life
Prank Fail - Scholastic Classroom Magazine
Santa Monica Trail - LA Weekly Cover
Origins of Hip Hop - New Orleans Magazine
Women Smashing Music Biz Misogyny - LA Weekly
Pétanque Poster
A Girl and Her Dog
Black Panthers Raid
Washington Post Illustrations
Fushimi Inari Taisha
Empathy on the Internet - NY Times
Children's Illustration Mixed
Portland Bike Shop Map and Spots
Fresh Off The Boat by Eddie Huang
Smithsonian 100 Most Significant Americans of All Time
Netflix coming to Europe CEO Reed Hastings
Les Parisiens - Paris Street Fashion
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Bounce Dryer Bar Cat Dogs and Rabbits
The Fear of Crossing Bridges
Facebook Singapore
Yahoo! Elephants
Yahoo! Philippines Purple Hunt
Tiger Translate Remix
Tiger Translate - Losing Culture
Shanghai Wish Tree Girl
Ella Fitzgerald for The Hartford Courant
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