Bill Murray
My 2019 Oscars illustration for the Washington Post of all 8 lead actors in the best picture nominated movies. I personally really liked Roma and the Favourite. The heads were used during live tweeting of the awards.
“Apartment 5A” a Seinfeld tribute pop-up show with Spoke Art Gallery at Parasol Projects in NYC opening August 16th. I wondered, what would the crew look like if Apartment 5A was in Brooklyn instead of the Upper West Side of Manhattan? Many argue that Kramer was already a hipster. Jerry is a selvedge denim type hipster, Elaine is a Doc Martins feminist hipster. George is a track fixie enthusiast hipster. What’s your alternate Brooklyn Seinfeld fan fiction story? A limited print run will be available of the group pose 18x24″ and also the individual characters 11x14″.
Elon Musk, wearing SpaceX's prototype flight suit with the Falcon Heavy rocket in the background.
Books and the Arts section illustration for The Nation about DJ /rupture and M.I.A.’s music taking influence from around the world and their travels. I used the yellow supports from Madrid’s Barajas airport, the best looking one i’ve been to.
Andrew Carnegie for Smithsonian’s collector’s edition “100 Most Significant Americans of All Time” issue. Carnegie is famous in part for his steel empire. The salmon colored one is an alternate color version.
Ray Nagin, former New Orleans mayor did one good thing in Chris Rose’s opinion.  He poured time and money into Armstrong Park and it was revitalized.
Why Kate McKinnon should play Trump, for The Ringer
Geoffrey Rush plays Albert Einstein in National Geographic’s “Genius”. For Variety Magazine.
Savannah Cummins, climber and photographer.
Back to school time. Being a teacher in Betsy DeVos’ home state of Michigan for Hour Detroit Magazine. Spoiler, it’s not good.
For Golf Magazine’s Rules Guy column. This month there were several questions that involved deferring to the your local golf course committee and socialist theories. Mao, Stalin, Lenin
The classic film Casablanca is more relevant today than it ever was. Themes of aliens in flux, trigger-happy law enforcement and intimidating political regimes. Written by my new pal James Charisma out in Hawaii. 3 full page illos. Follow the story in Beneficial Shock! issue 4: War & Peace now in stores and available online. It’s a fantastic UK based magazine for film lovers and design enthusiasts co-created by my pal and illustrator Phil Wrigglesworth whom I met when I lived in London 7 years ago.
Elvis’ 1973 concert in Hawaii is one scene in Tom Fowler’s time traveling romantic comedy ‘Suspicious Minds’, where the couple tries to patch up their failing relationship by going on a time travel vacation. For the Radio Times in London.
Golf Magazine Rules Guy column about several possible golf Freudian slips.
Financial Times book review of Bret Easton Ellis’ new book ‘White’ — the micro-provocateur’s polemic on Trump, Twitter and being mugged by wokeness
Front page of Politico, Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier looks to ride a “Never Weber” wave into the European Commission presidency. For Politico Europe
Before HBO came along, there was Roy Dotrice, an actor who created hundreds of voices for the audiobooks of George R.R. Martin’s novels, bringing Westeros to life for millions of listeners. For
April 30th 1989 Astérix opened the doors of his Gaul village. Asterix is a French comic character first appearing in 1959. It was written by René Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo until the death of Goscinny in 1977. Uderzo then took over the writing until 2009. (The Gauls were the original inhabitants of the area of France). The Park is 30km north of Paris. 30 avril 1989 : Astérix ouvre les portes de son village de Gaulois. 5 Illustrations for Le Parisien Weekend.
There aren't many 10 out of 10 star records but N.W.A.'s 1988 album Straight Outta Compton is one of them. For a group show in Singapore at Kult Gallery. MC Ren, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Easy-E, DJ Yella
The Martha Stewarting of Powerful Women, for LongReads. How society disproportionately demonizes women after they’ve bent the same rules that men have always broken.
China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin buying big Hollywood studio Legendary. China has a foreign film quota of 34 films per year maximum that can be show in the country and they all have to pass the censor board’s approval. With this deal Wanda can make Hollywood films that aren’t foreign made, bypassing the quota (they still have to deal with the censors though).
Denzel Washington as Malcolm X for They ranked Malcolm X as his best film.
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