We finally went to St John’s in the Caribbean for my mom’s retirement celebration that had to be cancelled 2 yrs in a row because of the pandemic. I wanted to include this in our family Christmas card while keeping the concept universal enough that people who weren’t on that trip would still appreciate that Santa is working through stacks of paperwork late at night longing for Dec 26th when he can take his kayak to his island paradise. I was thinking there would be a red “recording in session” or “darkroom in use” light above each timezone’s clock, signifying that was the timezone the world was in. Maybe that doesn’t come across immediately and I made extra work for myself for no reason. The calendar even says our catchphrase from the trip ...Island time baby yea!! May all your holiday wishes come true. Thanks to everyone who supported me in whatever way this year! I’ve got more cool projects on deck for 2023 already.
Now that my 12 years of Japanese new years Asian zodiac cards series is done I’m going back to Christmas themed cards. Everyone has supply chain problems this year, including Santa. The interior says “Due to unforseen circumstances your gift will be late this year”, and then out falls a note that says  I.O.U. (I owe you) 1 lump of coal - Santa. At the top of the chalkboard are coal supply chain terms which is a hint that everything on the board is to deliver your gift wrapped lump of coal, even the sharpie marker to write your name with (factories in Mexicali and Maryville TN). Happy Holidays one and all!
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