the benefits of fermented foods like kimchi and its pre and pro biotics
Study about certain foods like beats and their benefits for your heart and blood pressure. (exercise also helps).
Another study about coffee, 2-5 cups a day was mentioned, I’m up from half a cup to 1 cup a day now (cuz pandemic).
Can I stay healthy on a plant based diet? Studies find that most people benefit from a small amount of meat because getting all the micronutrients  you need from strictly plants is difficult
Scientists using RNA to trick the body into developing an immune response to Covid19 for vaccines.
Sleep builds up Killer T cells which help fight the coronavirus.
Studies find that intermittent fasting and calorie restriction lead to longer life. For BBC Science Focus
World of Warcraft and similar games can offer a lifeline to disabled people. Mats Steen had muscular dystrophy and when he died his parents thought he lived a lonely life but discovered that he had a prolific online World of Warcraft presence. 
Why scapegoating and finger-pointing don't help anyone.
It’s less of a coincidence than you think running into your friend from Madrid at some Brooklyn style cafe in Paris thanks to algorithms and the internet. Like hipster moths to the Edison lightbulb flame. I’m particularly chuffed with myself for the girl carrying the typewriter to the cafe.
Happy Groundhog’s Day! Predictive technology for BBC Focus. 
Don’t forget, how we treat our robots and voice assistants is seen by our kids and peers.
chatting with people different than you breaks down stereotypes and prejudice
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