For your consideration: Best illustration about coupons you’ll see this week. Section cover for The Washington Post.
2019 Oscars illustration of all 8 lead actors in the best picture nominated movies. I personally really liked Roma and the Favourite. The heads were used during live tweeting on awards night.
Film needs its auteurs — such as Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorcese, Spike Lee and Francis Ford Coppola to think big, even if they fail. 
Food waste and portion size for the Washington Post food section.
Food section cover about online cooking classes.  The author took one on making pasta.
Washington Post Food section cover. Some restaurants are ditching the traditional reservation system for tickets, and auctions. In the internet age of reserving online it’s become too easy to reserve a table and not show up. When I lived in Paris playing the reservation game wasn’t so fun so I would welcome this system.
Summer break is hardly a vacation for parents, here’s how it can be. Local Living cover
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