Food section cover about online cooking classes.  The author took one on making pasta.
Washington Post Capital Business cover.  Startups that operate in multiple locations at the same time and the difficulties they face.
Real Estate section cover about buying vs selling
How to navigate estate sales for the Washington Post Expresss
Cover of the Sunday Outlook section of the Washington Post about Obama being a loner president and not playing politics and making buddies in Washington like you're supposed to.
Washington Post Sunday Outlook cover. Article is about human brains vs. computers, knowing things vs. just looking it up online, etc... IBM's super computer Watson went up against two human Jeopardy contestants and blew them away. It did get some questions wrong. Watson was the only contestant to miss the Final Jeopardy! response in the category U.S. CITIES ("Its largest airport was named for a World War II hero; its second largest, for a World War II battle"). Rutter and Jennings gave the correct response of Chicago, but Watson's response was "What is Toronto?????
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