E-Boy Santa - 
For his undeniable contributions to menswear, Santa has put
Mr Hedi Slimane, creative director of Celine, on his nice list this year. Here he is trying out the French fashion house’s take on the TikTok eboy look. One of the most notable trends of the year (and possibly the closest we’ve come to a new fashion subculture since Myspace emos), it involves a mix of hoodies, striped tops, belt chains, nail polish and plenty of leopard print that riffs off skate culture, punk and even K-pop. Mr Slimane took inspiration from the subculture for his latest Celine collection and while Santa is a few belt sizes larger than Mr Slimane’s average muse, we think he’s rocking it pretty well.
Scumbro Santa - 
The number of Covid-19 cases in the Arctic Circle remains small, but Santa cares about the wellbeing of his elf workers, so, rather than going to his workshop in the North Pole, he’s been WFH like the rest of us. He’s pictured here rocking the scumbro-esque trend for incredibly fancy sweatpants and tie-dye (see AMIRI, Champion and The Elder Statesman for the best examples) and, though he might look like he’s just been papped off-duty in LA’s Hidden Hills, he’s actually just working on his stocking-filler stock check while watching Netflix. Yes, he looks a bit casual,
but hey, be kind. After raiding his stash of mince pies during quarantine, sweatpants are all that fit him right now.
GORPcore santa - 
If you haven’t heard the word gorpcore before, you can bet your bumbag (or fanny pack) that you’ve seen it somewhere. Technicalwear, belt bags, utility vests and down jackets are
all part of the game here and Santa, being a practical gent, wears it well. Surely one of the most enduring (and generation- spanning) trends of the past decade, gorp is an acronym
for “good ol’ raisins and peanuts” (what hikers eat to keep their energy levels up). It denotes the trend for dressing as though you are an avid outdoorsman with a hike around every corner, even though, in reality, you live in a leafy suburb and work for Snapchat.
Sustainable Stealth Luxe Santa - 
Santa is buying less, but buying better this year. He is seeking
out clothes made from superior fabrics with longevity in mind. Here, he’s clad in a timeless, well-made selection of clothing from The Row that will keep him warm for a few more Christmases yet. The thing about this trend is that it doesn’t look like a trend at all, which is totally the point. Stealthily luxurious, sustainable clothing is increasingly popular and Gabriela Hearst, Loro Piana and Lemaire also do it particularly well. Super minimal and clean in muted neutral colours that are variously called things such as “morning oatmeal” or “Nordic beige”, it’s the kind of look that says, “I’m wearing a £6,000 coat. Or am I?”
Baller Granny Santa - 
After being cooped up at home all summer, Santa is feeling optimistic and is dressed up and ready to go out again in the red-carpet trend that has dominated past year: granny style. Popularised by A$AP Rocky, Mr Harry Styles and
Mr Jaden Smith, it’s a Guccitastic take on geriatric fashion
and intentionally blurs the gender binary, incorporating rich
and flamboyant fabrics such as silk and velour in lurid, attention- grabbing colours and prints. Here, Santa has nabbed his wife’s pearl necklace and baboushka headscarf, is dripping with swag and looks like he’s either about to go and feed the pigeons or
drop a fire rap song. We’ll spare you the Ho! Ho! Ho! puns.
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