In 1870 the Croquet Association outlawed "Sparking", which is stepping on your ball when it's touching your opponents ball, striking your own and sending theirs flying. It is still used in backyard games and is the most fun aspect of the game for me. If you savagely "spark" someone's ball you could be asking for a fight. 1950s stylings, Japanese Ukiyo-e tattoos. Prim and proper meets rebellion and self expression. This series was chosen for the Society of Illustrator's annual show. Prints available here
Bring it don't sing it!
Insert your best classy yet trashy insult here
This one goes back to the late '30s in style.
I never do action so thought I should try. I might have gone too far with this one so feel free to exclude this one from my Croquet and Ink series if its cheapened the series in your mind.
The 1950s was a repressed era where racism was pervasive. As I searched for 50s photo reference I found that 100% of the models were Caucasian so I used people of color in my art. Prim and proper meets rebellion and self expression. wide peak lapel suit, collar bar, wide collar shirt, wingtip shoes, straw boater hat, Japanese Ukiyo-e tattoos, waistcoat.
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