In Asia the dragon is viewed as a benevolent mythical creature. I don't see the aspect of agriculture used with the dragon that often so I wanted to use that as my inspiration since we have a rooftop vegetable garden that's connected me more with the food we eat. We eat a lot of Korean ssam bap, stuff wrapped in various lettuce leaves so I've populated the art with stuff like red leaf lettuce, chicory, ggaennip, etc. Korean dragons generally have 4 claws, Japanese 3 and Chinese 5. horns of a deer and scales like a fish. Dragons are made up of many kinds of animals, many of which are other zodiac animals, but it varies depending on who you talk to and here are some examples: the head of camel, eyes of a rabbit, claws of a hawk, nose of a pig, ears of a bull, horns of a stag, feet of a tiger, and the body of a snake. I imagined the dragon bringing the rain that nourishes our greens, and watches over them. I used True Grit Texture and Supply Co's Atomic action scripts to achieve this mid century print effect. I wanted to challenge myself and do something other than my overly rendered thing.

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