Jrue Holiday is the adult in the room, the older veteran on a team of younger players (New Orleans Pelicans) For TheRinger.com https://www.theringer.com/nba/2019/10/9/20905549/jrue-holiday-new-orleans-pelicans-anthony-davis
What Happened With The Good Dinosaur? Pixar’s only “flop” for Pixar Week at TheRinger.com
Before HBO came along, there was Roy Dotrice, an actor who created hundreds of voices for the audiobooks of George R.R. Martin’s novels, bringing Westeros to life for millions of listeners.
When ‘Game of Thrones’ ends in May, so will an era of collectively watching—and obsessing over—television. How did an unfinished fantasy series spawn the biggest TV franchise of our time? And what will we talk about when it’s over? For TheRinger.com Story by Alyssa Bereznak below https://www.theringer.com/tv/2019/4/10/18303839/how-game-of-thrones-became-the-last-piece-of-monoculture
Brad Pitt stars in War Machine which seems to be universally panned by critics.
Denzel Washington as Malcolm X for theringer.com. They ranked Malcolm X as his best film.
Why Kate McKinnon should play Trump, for The Ringer
10 years of Taylor Swift for the Ringer.  They wanted 2006 T. Swift, first album, 16 yrs old, curls, innocent but about to take over the world.
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