for a story about VR
Rick Stein’s Padstow nightclub which he bought in the 1970’s was soon shut down due to the rowdy behaviour of the drunken fisherman. To avoid bankruptcy he turned it into a restaurant. Some of those burly fishermen troublemakers became his suppliers and business took off. For the Radio Times in London
Elvis’ 1973 concert in Hawaii is one scene in Tom Fowler’s time traveling romantic comedy ‘Suspicious Minds’, where the couple tries to patch up their failing relationship by going on a time travel vacation.
Beekeeper and classicist Martha Kearney travels to Greece to explore how honey shaped our world mythically, socially and politically.  
Can everyone be a public speaker?  BBC lectures series advice from celebs including Sylvester McCoy who is best known for playing the 7th incarnation of Doctor Who.  For the Radio Times (London)
Robert Peston writes about writing in his diary and his love for Prog Rock and Loon pants (short for balloon pants, basically bell bottoms) back in the day.
A quick deadline for RadioTimes in London about a show starring Miles Jupp as perfectionist food writer Damien Trench
After his mother’s death, a young Nigel Slater took comfort in food (like mince pie) to cope with his loss.
A story about the Ghosts of Heathrow airport in London
Two Brits travel to Paris to cook for the notoriously picky French. The title was "To Paris with Parsnips".
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