Permaculture -  agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.  Elements include shade trees, edible plants/fruits/vegetables, rain water collection, composting.
Preventative home maintenance tasks like filling that hole in the soffit so squirrels don’t get into the roof.
Renovating in the right language.  How to speak your architect’s language and make additions to your house match the aesthetic.
New Orleans gentrification and renovators, their benefits and detriments to the city.  Are they good or bad?  A pro:  raising property value of neighboring homes.  A con: loss of culture.
To DIY or not DIY?  When to call the professionals.
post hurricane Katrina architecture featuring many houses on lifts or stilts, a greater appreciation for classic New Orleans architecture, and solar panels.
A recipe for compost. 1 part nitrogen, 3 parts carbon. fruit peels, worms, paper, cardboard, straw, lawn clippings, egg shells, leaves, poo, soil, tea bags and more!
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