Agency:  Superfad (NY) Client:  Chef Boyardee.  Brief:  Create a hip young Chef Boyardee that has fighting skills for a Chef Boyardee pitch.  I gave him exclusive Chef Dunks.
more of an urban vigilante style with a samurai style mask
with more samurai style armour
villain design.  bland spinach sandwich baddies
This was for Smile Faucet Video Magazine.  I worked on this with 4 of my friends who are motion graphics designers/animators and a sound designer.  It ended up being a 30 second spot.  The premise was that it was a commercial for a ficticious oxygen drink that cleans your lungs.  The mascot is a mini Sumo who fights Smog Bears, free-radicals, and other contaminants in your lungs.
modeled after one of my friends that i worked with, motion graphics genius Andrew "Stubbz" Johnston.
Client:  Coca-Cola
Agency:  SuperFad (NY)
Brief:  Create characters and environments for a Fanta soda re-brand.  Elements touched by Fanta change from black and white to color.  Un-cool adults stay in black and white.  I gave idea boy a mini pet walrus with a mini skully hat.
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