Golf Magazine Rules Guy column about several possible golf Freudian slips.
A reader's ball deflected off an abandoned golf pull cart and the writer jokes that maybe the owners were abducted
A reader writes in with a question where either options leaves them literally and figuratively in the weeds.
Golf Magazine Rule’s guy columnist jokes about a course’s Ground Under Repair area being designated as a National Park.
GOLF Magazine has new owners and got a redesign and they liked what I’ve done over the years and kept me on the Rule’s Guy column. Heading up the redesign is ‘Works Well With Others’ (wife and husband team of Jessica Musumeci of Glamour and Seventeen fame and David Curcurito, the former (and longtime) Design Director at Esquire Magazine). This illo question asks what happens when someone just leaves their ball in the hole and peace’s out. 
A guy asks about a practice swing displacing a few grains of sand.
This one asks if a water hazard isn't marked does it count as a hazard? Some existential unperceived existence for ya.
This month there were several questions that involved deferring to the your local golf course committee and socialist theories. Mao, Stalin, Lenin
When you hit a tuft of grass on top of your ball that's called a toupee
using a spare club as a tool to line up your putt
A tumbleweed that gets in the way of a putt.
Taking relief from a puddle on the cart path.
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