Swing Kidz, another promotional piece aimed at the children’s market. Lindy Hoppin’ swing dance kids and jazz band. Insider fun: I named the photoshop layers Lil’ Fats Waller, Lil’ Gene Krupa, Lil’ Mingus.
Monster subway.  kids art promotional sample.  I like the Dr. Zitzmore ad (spoof on the infamous NYC subway ads by Dr. Zizmor)
After his mother’s death, a young Nigel Slater took comfort in food (like mince pie) to cope with his loss. Spot for the Radio Times in London.
Who loves pizza?  We love pizza!!!!  Or, “Honey, we’ve got kids on the pizza”.  Or, “Man you know I don’t like kids on my pizza”.  Another children’s illustration sample I made.  I wish I was rolling around on a giant pizza with my French bulldog
Alpaca pride.  Mini huacayas and a suri
Would you like to swing on a star?  Carry moonbeams home in a jar?
Client: Spider Magazine
The story is titled “Gorilla Blues” by Trinka Enell and it’s about a big blue gorilla who loses his way to Florida one snowy night and is helped by a little girl.
private commission pet portrait
A Scholastic Read 180 series book called "False". It's a reading intervention book that debunks urban myths.  This one is about a penny falling off the empire state building.
The color red makes bulls go crazy
walt disney is frozen in ice somewhere.
a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's
Elivs lives
Elephants are afraid of mice
Carrots makes your vision better.  This was actually made up by the British during world war II because they were shooting down so many enemy planes because of new radar technology but they said it was carrots not to give it away.
Client: Snapple (via Code and Theory)
Snapple's Re-EnFACTment campaign bringing the facts under the lids of Snapple to life. My fact was: Theodore Roosevelt had a pet bear while in office. www.snapple.com/869
Year of the Sheep Japanese new year postcard
Year of the Rabbit Japanese new year postcard
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