A study showed that drivers stopped more frequently at pedestrian crossings if the pedestrian stared at the driver.
Women's Equality at the World Economic Forum in Davos where women are grossly under represented was the topic of this article.  Elizabeth Cady Stanton was one of the women's rights pioneers.  
Medical records thefts give access to other sensitive information because they are poorly protected.
My first true fashion illustration?  It’s under the Fashion section.  Since I’m working from Paris for 2 months I put them in front of “La Maison Rose” in Montmartre.  Ask Terry:  Q: At Saks, I recently tried on a denim jeans jacket with cropped, darkish-wash jeans and looked like I was wearing an updated “leisure suit.” How, and when, is the denim-on denim look appropriate? And how do you put it together?
—S.R., New York
A: You gotta keep experimenting with timeless, versatile, all-American denim. Jeans jackets and jeans won’t resemble matchy pantsuits when pulled together with a…
aaaand I didn’t even get the rest of the answer so this is all it shows on the site without subscribing.
"Success Outside the Dress Code: The subtle cues that help nonconformists break from the pack and thrive; Power of sweatpants". 4 Illustrations for today's Wall Street Journal about a study that shows how not conforming can increase your status. Standing out in certain circumstances, like wearing sweats in a luxury store, also appears to boost an individual's standing. Pedestrians in Milan thought people wearing gym clothes in a luxury store where less likely to buy while the sales staff thought they were more likely to buy. They also had a professor, clean shaven and dressed up and a professor with facial hair wearing a T-shirt. The students afforded more respect to the more bohemian looking professor. There was something about red shoes too, that one might not have gotten used as the story was coming in.
Benefits of being self employed
A study was done in the UK to see if what bicycle riders wear affects automobile driver’s behaviors. Answer is no. Dressed in a range from professional cyclist to normal commuter, cars passed by them at the same distance. NY State and many other have a law saying cars must pass at a “safe distance”. 3 feet is recommended. Some states specify 3 feet is the law.
For the health section about how certain music impairs driving
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