Pétanque Poster

I started playing Pétanque when I lived in Paris and fell in love with it. Big 24x36″ poster size. In a kind of hidden corner in on Ile de la Cité there is Place Dauphine, where the Horse Chestnut trees bloom with pink in the spring and you can find people drinking wine, snacking on glorious French foods, and playing Pétanque. The rules are similar to Bocce but I think it’s more fun because the balls are smaller making it possible to snipe out someone’s ball or other strategic plays. The aim of the game is to throw your metal balls (boules) as close to the smaller wooden cochonnet ball (literally piglet) as you can. As with Bocce it’s traditionally been old guys playing outside but like with all things old the hipsters have taken to it also. Shout out to C. Coles Philips. Happy Pétanque’ing! Prints available here https://society6.com/product/ptanque_print#s6-4514349p4a1v3

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