Female leaders get penalized for being too assertive according to study. Nonverbal dominance is a way to combat this in the short term.  Examples are maintained eye contact, standing tall, speaking loudly, leaning in, draping an arm over a chair.
Professor Bhagirath Majmudar reflects on his 44 years teaching at The Emory School of Medicine.  Here is the excerpt from the story that grabbed my visual bone, “How vacant the night will look, if only moon was allowed to shine, and not the million stars,” said the Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore. I am happy to have seen innumerable such stars at Emory, and they have guided me like stars always do. As men and women, they were mortals in themselves but secured the immortality of our institution. Dislodged stars do not leave an empty sky behind.”
Changing our view of persons with disabilities for Emory Alumni Magazine
An Emory alumni, Lynn Garson writes about hitting rock bottom after the internet stock bust like many baby boomers who were sold a dream.  She said she hadn’t a care in the world and disaster wasn’t even possible in her mind.  She said "I was an impressive house of cards".
Spot for Emory Alumni Magazine about the author, Asha French, trying to raise her daughter free from social stereotypes of what a girl should be, only to have her daughter show disinterest in the “boys stuff” and embrace the “girlie” stuff.
An alumni author writes about the challenges and joys of caring for a child with Down's Syndrome
Embracing the great unknown.
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