DM Magazine Belgium

7 dudes for DM Magazine, a supplement inside of De Morgen, which is like the New York Times of my friend told me. The feature is about 7 role models who have left their mark - Men of my Life. 1. Robert Smith of the Cure 2. John Travolta in Grease 3. Calimero is a Japanese cartoon but was popular throughout Europe. My friend and wikipedia said that In the Netherlands and Belgium, the term “Calimero complex” is used to denote someone who thinks the world is against them because they are an underdog; often the character’s lines from the show are cited, “They are big and I is [sic] small and that is not fair, oh no!” (translated back from the Dutch, with intentional error). 4. Bobby Ewing the hunk on Dallas 5. Meneer de Uil is a children’s show character and my Dutch and Belgian friend’s favorite childhood charcter 6. Rick Astley 80’s pop star who sang “Never Gonna Give You Up” and more recently the internet meme sensation of “Rick Rolling” where a bait and switch occurs and a user is taken to his music video instead of the link they were trying to go to. 7. Charles Ingalls (Micheal Landon). from the little house on the prarie tv show

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